The Golden Age: Manuscript Painting at the Time of Jean, Duke of Berry
by Marcel Thomas

October 1979
Hardcover, 119 pages
11.3 x 8.3 x 0.6 inches

ISBN-13: 978-0807609231
$24.95 (Can $27.95)

The victory of Charles V (1364-1380) against the English, and against his own feudal nobility, marked the beginning of a Golden Age in the history of book illumination. During the late fourteenth and early fifteenth century, magnificent manuscripts emerged from scriptoria all over Europe, especially in France, setting new standards for fine illumination. Among the most brilliant achievements were those that emerged through the patronage of Charles’s brother, Jean, Duke of Berry, whose interest in fine books earned him the title of “prince of medieval bibliophiles.” In this volume, pages from his treasured volumes—including The Belles Heures, The Grandes Heures, and the jewel of his collection, The Très Riches Heures—are reproduced, together with folios from beautifully illuminated secular books, such as the Tacuinum Sanitatis (or Medieval Health Handbook) and Terence Des Ducs, among others.